Music & Lyrics: Tal More

* * *


Kaci Bolls

* * *

Production & Arrangement:

Jeff Bova- Futures Unreal, Past Obsessed, The Birds and the Bees, Extra, Braincrash, The Living Dead.

Chip Hardy, Rod Lewis- all songs

Tal More

* * *


Drums: Tim Grogan

Guitars: Mike Waldron, Mike Spriggs, Danny Parks, Chris Leuzinger,
Derek Wells, Tim Pierce, Jason Land

Bass: Curry Smith, Steve Mackey

Keys/piano: Dane Bryant

String arrangement and additional keys/piano: Jeff Bova

* * *

Mix: Bobby Holland & Jeff Bova

* * *

Mastering: Eric Peterson @ Anechoic, Erick Labson @ Universal Mastering Studio, Landr.