New Ear Candy Is Coming Your Way!

Hi everybody!

It’s Tal, the muse infested guy behind Explosive Ear Candy. Just wanted to update that a batch of new songs are supposed to be recorded soon. If you liked ‘What Do You Know’ and ‘Do You Still Dream’- prepare your ears. Later this year I’ll be releasing a new EP with some of the most explosive tunes I’ve ever written. Super fun stuff. I’ll be recording with the same incredible musicians and the same mind-blowing singer (Kaci!) I worked with to record the debut album, so I’m beyond excited. Besides the EP I’m also supposed to work on two other songs that I’ve been dying to record. So lots of fresh tunes are right around the corner!

If you haven’t checked out EEC’s debut album ‘The Art of Sweet Nothings’ you’re more than invited to drop by EEC’s BandCamp and stream it in full:

I’ll update in 2-3 months with more details after everything’s ready. If you can, please help spread the word about Explosive Ear Candy and/or buy the album. Recording is very expensive and your help really… well… helps.

Thanks for listening & happy July-ing!
Tal / Explosive Ear Candy